Our primary mission field is in the Shemwood Crossing Apartment Complex and seven different motels in the I-85 corridor which is known for drugs, sex trafficking, and violence.

Shemwood Crossing has around 900 people living there. The family units are led by mostly single mothers. The ministry has worked tirelessly in the community sharing the Gospel and blessing the community with many types of mission outreaches.

Greenville, South Carolina Church Without Walls is a missionary-minded church with Southern Baptist Convention, South Carolina Baptist Convention, and Greenville Baptist Association affiliations. The Church is a non-profit organization with a Certificate of Non-Profit status issued by the Secretary of the State of South Carolina, Mark Hammond, with a 501 (3)(c) tax exempt status from the IRS.

Some areas of this website are password protected. We do this to keep the privacy of individuals that live in these communities. Please use the Contact Us form to request the password.

We invite you to come join us in praise and worship of God, the study of His word, and fellowship each Sunday morning from 8 am to 9 am in the chapel of Augusta Heights Baptist Church located at 3018 Augusta Street, Greenville, South Carolina.